Webmail & POP3

The AJAX Based webmail can be accessed through any latest browser. Any POP3 client which supports SSL, can we used to download mails in Cloud Zimail.


CloudZimail is packed with a host of Collaboration functions like Contact sharing, Global Address List, Mailbox Calendar& Task Sharing and many more which are supported via web mail access.

Smart phone Sync and Mobility

Two-way synchronization feature lets CloudZimail users sync their Smartphones with the mail server for syncing their Mails, Contacts & Calendar with the web mail.

Premium Anti-spam and Anti-Virus

Cloud Zimail comes built-in with premium email security. Multiple scanners like Cisco Ironport, Proofpoint, F-secure & Sophos are used to effectively filter unwanted spam mails.

Zimbra desktop

Zimbra Desktop is free Email Client that gives you an Offline experience same as the AJAX Web Experience.Mails, Folders, Calendar, Contacts & Tasks gets syncd with the Zimbra backend setup, making identical Data available both on desktop & Mail server.