Frequently Asked Questions

/Frequently Asked Questions
Cloud Zimail being a pure cloud-based solution is easily scalable from 10 to 100k mailboxes.
Within 48hrs of processing the PO, the domain can be activated for users.
Creating Group ids’s and DL on Cloud Zimail is not chargeable for up to 20% of total subscribed Mailboxes. Group ids and DL can be created only for users within the Organization.
For example: If a Customer has subscribed for 100 Mailboxes then they can create a maximum of 20 groups beyond which is chargeable.
The charges for creating additional Group ids/ DL above 20% will be as per Cloud Zimail Plan 1 on per id basis.
Data migration is undertaken at an additional cost. Cost will depend on the data size to be migrated. Scope of work on data migration will be discussed on case to case basis.
Time frame cannot be defined earlier since it depends on multiple factors like such as data size, bandwidth, number of concurrent connections handled by source server etc.
Yes, we will provide a csv format in which data has to be provided for us to bulk provision users on CloudZimail
Cloud Zimail adopts a strong 8 character password policy to safeguard User’s mailbox.
Users are forced to keep passwords which are a combination of alpha numeric characters including a capital letter.
It is mandatory for Users to change their passwords after every 45/ 90/ 180 days as per the Administrator’s set policy.
Password-age policy (45/ 90/ 180 days) can be exempted, however password strength policy cannot be exempted for the safety of the User’s Mailbox.
CloudZimail can be accessed from any POP3 client which supports SSL like Outlook, Thunderbird etc. Mail client that do not support SSL cannot be used.
Any latest (N or N-1) browser version can be used for accessing the webmail.
No, there is no backup being taken. However, if email archiving is subscribed for then every copy of the mail will be stored for the subscribed set of user/s.
No, CloudZimail does not support IMAP protocol.

The maximum number of recipients allowed to be added in one mail is 100.
Senders are allowed to send a 25 Mb mail at one go which includes size of attachments, if any.
A user can send a maximum of 500 mails in an hour not beyond.
Any user attempting to send more than 500 emails per hour will be blocked automatically

In order to safeguard the IP reputation of our IP’s & minimize Bounce back mails , CloudZimail enforces the following:

    • Strong Password Policy : Password Strength & Age
    • Mail Transfer to our setup over only Secure Ports ( Mention the Port No: ) , As Botnet / Trojan attack port 25
    • Scans the mail with multiple Anti-spam technologies. If mail is found to be spam by the Anti Spam filter, source IP gets blocked automatically for 4 hrs
SPF, DKMI, IP Reputation and all other RFC’s are followed to achieve mail delivery
No, there is no cap on monthly data transfer, However, Bulk Mail or Volume mail should not be sent through CloudZimail gateway. We have a separate solution for sending Volume mails, contact to know more about our Volume mail services.
Smartphone & Tablets can use POP/ IMAP configuration to download mails on any handheld device.
All Smartphone or Tablet that support ActiveSync can sync up Mail, Calendar & Contacts with CloudZimail Mailbox.
Smartphone Sync is available in Plan 1 and Plan 2 of CloudZimail only.
Multiple scanning engines are used, Cisco Ironport Anti-spam & Anti-Virus scanner being the most prominent one.
Virus Mails are detained, Spam mails are quarantined, Notification mail can be enabled for user to access and retrieve any mail trapped in Spam Quarantine.
Yes, CloudZimail has Instant Messaging as an optional component, It is a Web Based IM Client and user can chat with other users in the same domain by downloading the Chat client on desktop and smartphone as well.
30 days logs are maintained for inbound and outbound mails (not locally sent mails).
    • Admin activity Report: Displays when & from where the administrator had logged in & the activities she/he had performed from control panel
    • Quota usage Report: Displays mailbox Quota allocated & occupied by the user
    • Password Change: Displays the date/time & ip from where user has changed the password
    • Activity Report: Information of active/inactive users is derived from this report.
    • Session Report: Displays all administrators last accessed date with their permissions
    • Statistics Report: Displays Data Transfer, Statistics report, Top sender and Top recipient Month wise
CloudZimail offers multiple administrator profiles to manage the domains, following profiles like,

  • Domain Admin: Full Rights to add/ modify/ View/ Search/ Delete all aspects of the Mail Domain Administration
  • Read only Admin: Read Only Access for all aspects of administration
  • Domain Edit Admin: Only Edit rights related to User Properties, Whitelist/ Blacklist, Group Management, Spam Quarantine View/ Release
We offer a support ticketing system to every customer of CloudZimail. Customers are required to report any issue or queries through this ticketing system. 24×7 support team is dedicated to address the tickets that are raised.
Yes, CloudZimail supports activeSync, a full 2 way synchronization can be achieved with the mailbox for,
Yes, additional space can be procured and distributed to users in the denonmination of 1GB. Pricing for additional space as follows:
Additional Space Cost Price Per GB Per Annum
10 to 100 GB 120
100 to 500 GB 110
501 to 1 TB 100
Above 1 TB 80